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                How to choose a fully degraded meal box


                When you eat out, it is inevitable to encounter the need to use disposable tableware, and usually suc...

                Full degradation meal box with traditional polyethy


                The rise of fully biodegradable disposable meal boxes is far faster than many people imagine, and its...

                Plant fiber can also make a disposable meal box!


                When it comes to the use of plant fiber, probably a lot of friends are not very understand.It is a su...

                Interpret the main development direction of disposa


                In real life, everyone should have used disposable meal boxes.I dont know if you noticed, these years...

                The latest plastic ban, plastic limit order key poi


                Main objectives By 2020, it will be the first to prohibit and restrict the production, sales and use ...

                Eat the hard-won II disc action, start from me!


                Recently, the general secretary has made important instructions to stop food waste.He pointed out tha...


                Anhui Delin Environmental Protection Development (Group) Co., Ltd.
                One parent company, four subsidiaries,
                The company has strong technical strength, strong research and development ability, strong innovation ability.
                We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to work together to create a new era of environmental protection.

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